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Dumpling Party

In this class you will make

Homemade Dumpling Wrappers / Hand shaped dumplings / Cold Sesame Noodles / Glutinous Rice Balls with Chopped Peanuts and Sesame (糖不甩)

DURATION 2.5 hours

$750.00 / per person

Category Cook and Eat
Please let us know if you have any special requirements below including dietary requirements, or if you are booking this for someone else.

With the right ingredients and a few tips, you can easily make dumplings, one of the most popular (if not he most) dishes in Asian cuisine, at home! Join this class to enjoy the social and communal activity of making dumplings, go home will a full belly, tips and inspirations to make your own dumplings at home. In this class you will learn: 

  • Homemade dumpling wrapper dough
  • How to add colours to the dumpling wrapper dough using natural ingredients
  • Different ways to wrap and fold dumplings
  • A versatile dumpling filling formula 
  • Tips on pan-frying and steaming dumplings
  • How to make cold sesame noodles (by demonstration)
  • How to make a simple Chinese dessert: Glutinous Rice Balls with Chopped Peanuts and Sesame (糖不甩)

Each person will make 12-15 dumplings, you will enjoy the cooked food in our dining room. BYOB welcome!