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About Us

The Mixing Bowl was founded in 2014. We offer classes for adults and children to learn how to bake at home. We want to show you what a fun and rewarding hobby baking is and we believe that everyone can bake, even with the limited space and busy lifestyle in Hong Kong. We use simple ingredients and domestic appliances in our classes so that what you learn can be easily replicated at home. We are also passionate about teaching children how to cook and bake. Cooking not only is an essential life skill, it is also a great way for children to learn English, practice mathematics and improve their motor skills. We believe cooking is a fantastic activity for both kids and parents to enjoy together. Home baking can even lead to a healthier diet especially when you know how to make wholesome REAL bread packed with nutrients and free of nasty additives. So what are you waiting for? Come bake with us and find the baker in you!

Our Team


I grew up in a typical Hong Kong family with a domestic helper who cooked delicious food for my family everyday. Like many people in Hong Kong, I did not know how to cook. It all changed when I moved to the UK six years ago. Without anyone to cook for me anymore I had to learn how to cook. Starting from making simple dishes and experimenting with my oven, I slowly developed a passion for cooking and became very interested in baking. Before long I found myself buying recipe books and taking baking classes. I was baking every weekend for my housemates! < Through baking I’ve also learnt a lot about nutrition, science and different cultures around the world. It never fails to amaze me how simple methods can turn ordinary ingredients into delicious food that we all love. I hope I can inspire you to learn how to bake or even make it part of your daily life. It is fantastic way to spend your free time, and it can make you very popular amongst your friends!


In what seems like a lifetime ago, Hoi Kin was once a full-time editor before she decided to make a bold change by exploring work in the world of baking. She has always loved baking and took a macaron class at The Mixing Bowl many years ago. Never could she have imagined that she would end up working there one day! In addition to working for The Mixing Bowl since 2017, Hoi Kin also worked as a junior baker for an artisanal bakery in Hong Kong in 2018. This has helped her gain valuable experience in both professional and home baking. Transitioning into a teaching role came quite naturally given Hoi Kin has also been teaching swing dancing since 2012. She loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with students to help them turn something that could seem intimidating at first into something fun and achievable. Being able to fully immerse herself in baking as a way of life has been both rewarding and fun. She loves the feeling of using her hands to create something tangible (and delicious!), and finds a lot of joy in baking for friends and family. She looks forward to baking with you soon at The Mixing Bowl!


Leeron is a certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach & Plant Based Chef. She is accredited by the acclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition and by PlantLab, the world's first health-centered culinary school. After battling and conquering some of her own health issues, it has become her passion to teach others how to heal themselves, holistically, starting with their plates. Leeron has made it her mission to get the Hong Kong public excited about healthy eating and hopes to do so by educating people on nutrition and the basics of healthy cooking. She also founded HolisticLee Happy and uses instagram as a core platform to share an abundance of nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality, natural beauty, Ayurveda, and gut health related information.

Venus Kwan

A graduate of the Patisserie Program at Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo and a former intern at Maggie Austin Cake based in Virginia, U.S., Venus has worked at various places in the industry since 2011 to accumulate a variety of skills, including Ms. B’s Cakery and the 3-star Michelin Robuchon au Dome Macau. Following her most recent stint at Honest Bakery as Head Pastry Chef, Venus is excited to explore with you new cake designs and techniques through her creative ventures. Through every layer of cake and sweet bite, Venus hopes to add a little more sweetness and joy to your day.

ACE BAKER 「高手烘焙」

ACE BAKER – with a passion for sharing our love of food with people we meet. ACE BAKER, set up in November 2020 for providing quality baking supplies, we are also a platform for home bakers to exchange creative baking ideas and experience as to put our motto – “Love Baking ‧ Love Sharing” into practice. We look forward to serving the home baker community for years to come. THE MIXING BOWL’s customer would receive ACE BAKER’s VIP card upon presenting THE Mixing Bowl’s voucher at our shop. Our VIP is entitled to enjoy 5% discount for purchase at ACE BAKER except special promotion items and consignment items. ACE BAKER 「高手烘焙」-- 愛好分享我們對食物的熱愛。我們於2020年11月成立,除了提供優質烘焙食材及用具,也是一個平台讓烘焙愛好者交流烘焙的經驗和創意點子,因為“ 愛烘焙 ‧ 愛分享” 是ACE BAKER 「高手烘焙」的座右銘。期待與各位烘焙愛好者一起分享烘焙樂趣! THE MIXING BOWL 顧客可憑 THE MIXING BOWL 發出之優惠券領取ACE BAKER 「高手烘焙」VIP咭,憑咭惠顧ACE BAKER 「高手烘焙」可獲95折優惠 (特價品及寄售貨品除外) 。


Both of my sons had their first baking session with The Mixing Bowl 5 years ago and always want to go back ever since. Recipes are all kids friendly and all staff members are super nice and patient. Both boys have fun in each session and always love the delicious food in the end.


Going to classes in The Mixing Bowl is something I look forward to, it's in English, and the instructors treat everyone the same whether you are experienced or not. But if you are a beginner they will pay more attention to you. Victor is also good to elderly, like me.