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Cocktail Buns and Walnut Cookies

Learn how to make two local bakery favourites:

Cocktail Buns (雞尾包) and Walnut Cookies (合桃酥)

DURATION 3 hours

$700.00 / per person

Category Bread Making
Please let us know if you have any special requirements below including dietary requirements, or if you are booking this for someone else.

Local bakeries in Hong Kong are full of delicious baked treats with fascinating origins, one of them is the Cocktail Bun (雞尾包) - a soft bun filled with a flagrant coconut filling (no alcohol involved!). Join this class to learn how to make Cocktail Buns, along with another local delicacy, Walnut Cookies (合桃酥)

You will learn:

  • a soft enriched dough using the Tangzhong method
  • coconut filling 
  • how to assemble and shape the dough and filling to create the classic Cocktail Bun Look
  • a light and crunchy Walnut Cookie recipe

You will bring home 6 Cocktail Buns and 6 Walnut Cookies