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Artisan Chocolate Bars

In this class you will make:

Three chocolate bars decorated and topped with handmade toppings

DURATION 2 hours 30 minutes

$750.00 / per person

Please let us know if you have any special requirements below including dietary requirements, or if you are booking this for someone else.

Make artisan chocolate bars using our tried and tested techniques in a home kitchen. Tempering chocolate can be daunting, it is actually easily doable at home with delicious and rewarding results, join us in this class to find out more, you will learn: 

  • the basic science behind tempering chocolate
  • how to temper chocolate at home
  • how to prepare and use a polycarbonate chocolate mould
  • how to use coloured cocoa butter to decorate chocolate moulds
  • how to make candied nuts as toppings

Each person will take home THREE chocolate bars.