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In this class you will make
Hazelnut Brownie Bites / Raw Lemon Mousse Cakes

Veganism is the way to a sustainable future, and this class is designed to provide an introduction to easy to make healthy plant-based sweets, without compromising on deliciousness and textures. Wow your family and friends with these modern, guilt-free creations!
In this class we will cover:

- Commonly used vegan ingredients (e.g. cashews, Irish moss, dates), discussing their functionality and how they can replace conventional ingredients
- Wholesome brownies bites with roasted hazelnuts
- Tempering couverture chocolate to make simple but elegant garnishes
- Techniques in making raw, creamy nut-based fresh lemon mousse cake
- Tips on how to modernise your dessert presentations

*Each student will get to taste the sweets in class, as well as a box of the pastries to take home

About Jessica:
A qualified dietitian in her former life, Jessica has worked professionally as a pastry chef for 10 years. She began her career in Melbourne, and later worked her way around Europe in esteemed pâtisseries and restaurants before settling in Hong Kong 3 years ago.

It is in Hong Kong that she started to become fundamentally interested in exploring plant-based desserts, through working as Head Development Pastry Chef at vegan/vegetarian restaurant Nectar Integrative Dining (formerly Grassroots Pantry). Jessica’s goal is to merge her nutrition training with pastry techniques to produce creative, healthy and delectable desserts.

3 hours
HK $800.00 / person

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