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In this class you will make
Sourdough Starter / Sourdough Loaf

Discover the power of natural yeast in this class and go home with fundamental knowledge on making sourdough bread at home.

In this class you will learn:
- basic science behind bread making
- how to prepare a sourdough dough
- fermentation of a sourdough dough at home
- ways to bake sourdough bread at home
- how to make and maintain a sourdough starter

You will take home a loaf of sourdough bread (baked in class using a pre-fermented dough), a sourdough dough for you to bake at home the next day, and a sourdough starter.

This class is recommended for people with some bread making experience, we welcome beginners as well but it might be a bit hard to take in all of the information shared in this class.

3 hours
HK $750.00 / person

Upcoming Dates:
  • Jan 07 19:00(Full)
  • Jan 21 19:00(Full)
  • Feb 11 19:00(Book Now)
  • Feb 25 19:00(Book Now)