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In this class you will make
Buttery Cinnamon and Almond Flavoured Cake/ Peach Flavoured Pastry Cream / Homemade Blueberry Jam

While studying at a Parisian culinary institute, Kyle Giesbrecht was introduced to an all time favourite French cake: The Gâteau Basque.
Originally from the Basque region, the cake is traditionally filled with cherry jam or pastry cream. But, truth be told the original bistochak, as it was once called, was not a cake at all - it was a bread.

Now returned to the island, Kyle is ready to teach you how to make this French delicacy with his own flavour twists!

In class, you will not only learn how to make the cake, but also how you might customise the pastry cream with various ingredients to create an array of complementary flavour profiles. At the end of class, you will take home a customised cake with tin and some of your very own homemade blueberry jam to enjoy or recreate a fresh-from-the-oven gâteau basque cake!

3 hours
HK $650.00 / person

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