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In this class you will make
Caramels / Marshmallows / Clear Lollipops

Look no further if you have a sweet tooth… our first class on confectionery is here!

We will be giving our ovens a rest in this class, you will learn from Venus her recipes and techniques to turn sugar into three scrumptious, colourful and pretty looking sweets: caramels, clear lollipops and marshmallows

In this class Venus will cover:

How to cook sugar to achieve desired textures based on different temperatures
Safe handling of hot caramel and how to make soft chewy caramel candy
Meringue and cooked sugar techniques for soft and chewy marshmallow
Pipping, flavouring and colouring techniques for marshmallows
How to make one of a kind free-style lollipops with decorated with edible flowers

You will take home:
around 20 pieces of caramel candies, 20 pieces of piped marshmallow kisses, and 8 clear lollipops

3 hours
HK $800.00 / person

Contact us to request a private class