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In this class you will make
Salted Caramel / Pistachio / Yuzu Caramel

After countless experiments and trials, we have finally created a chocolate bonbon class, just in time for valentines day!

In this class you will learn the basics of tempering chocolate, and our tricks and tips to do this famously tricky process at home with basic tools and equipment. We will cover:

Tempering dark chocolate using the ‘seeding’ method
How to prepare a polycarbonate chocolate mould
How to decorate the moulds using coloured cocoa butter
How to make a caramel filling (by demonstration)
How to make a ganache suitable for filling a bonbon
How to cast, fill and cap the chocolate bonbons

You will take home 21 chocolate bonbons made by yourself, a gift box will be provided for 15 pieces of the bonbons (i.e. you can eat 6 of them in class or pack them away in a ziplock bag we provide)

3 hours
HK $600.00 / person

Contact us to request a private class