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In this class you will make
pink praline brioche / brioche tart

Brioche is one of the main bread categories, it is a type of bread that is enriched with sugar, milk, eggs and butter (lots of butter). It's rich flavour and light texture make it a favourite amongst bread lovers.

Brioche is good on it's own, used as burger buns, made into French toast or used as a base for many desserts. In this class you will use a classic brioche dough to make some Brioche Saint-Genix (brioche buns filled and topped with pink almond pralines) and Brioche Tarts with seasonal fruits.

You will learn:

- how to make a brioche dough using a standmixer
- key steps and tips on fermentation of brioche dough
- how to make praline rose (prink almond praline) from scratch
- how to make a vanilla pastry cream (by demonstration)
- how to shape the brioche buns and brioche tart
- how to prepare the buns for baking

*You will take home the brioche dough that you make in class. You will bake 3 pink praline brioche buns and 2 brioche fruit tarts in class with a pre-proofed brioche dough

3 hours
HK $700.00 / person

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