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About Us

The Mixing Bowl is founded by Victor and Kyle. We offer classes to teach adults and children how to bake their own bread and cakes. We want to show you what a fun and rewarding hobby baking is and we believe that everyone can bake, even with the limited space and busy lifestyle in Hong Kong. We use simple ingredients and domestic appliances in our classes so that what you learn can be easily replicated at home.

We are also passionate about teaching children how to cook and bake. Cooking not only is an essential life skill, it is also a great way for children to learn English, practice mathematics and improve their motor skills. We believe cooking is a fantastic activity for both kids and parents to enjoy together.

Home baking can even lead to a healthier diet especially when you know how to make wholesome REAL bread packed with nutrients and free of nasty additives So what are you waiting for? Come bake with us and find the baker in you!

Victor Lo - Director

Victor Lo - Director

I grew up in a typical Hong Kong family with a domestic helper who cooked delicious food for my family everyday. Like many people in Hong Kong, I did not know how to cook.

It all changed when I moved to the UK six years ago. Without anyone to cook for me anymore I had to learn how to cook. Starting from making simple dishes and experimenting with my oven, I slowly developed a passion for cooking and became very interested in baking. Before long I found myself buying recipe books and taking baking classes. I was baking every weekend for my housemates!

Through baking I’ve also learnt a lot about nutrition, science and different cultures around the world. It never fails to amaze me how simple methods can turn ordinary ingredients into delicious food that we all love.

I hope I can inspire you to learn how to bake or even make it part of your daily life. It is fantastic way to spend your free time, and it can make you very popular amongst your friends!

Kyle Giesbrecht - Director

Kyle Giesbrecht - Director

Cooking has always been an integral part of my daily life since childhood. Growing up in a farm with my family, we grew and cooked our own food. Food played a big part in bringing everyone in my family together. I was fortunate enough to grow up with many family favourite recipes.

I am a primary school teacher, and I have worked in different parts of the world and experienced different cultures. I can see first hand how modern conveniences have changed the lives of our children. I strongly believe that cooking can enrich the childhood of our children and their family lives.

I have designed a series of family and kids baking classes that allow kids to practise and reinforce what they have learned in school, such as science, maths and reading.

Cooking can be fun and educational, through introducing cooking and baking to families in Hong Kong, I hope I can bring back many valuable elements to our children’s lives.

Venus Kwan

Venus Kwan
A graduate of the Patisserie Programme at Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo and a former intern at Maggie Austin Cake based in Washington, D.C., Venus has worked at various places in the industry since 2011 to accumulate an interesting variety of skills that spans from classic French pastry, to wedding cakes, and sugar flowers. After working for the prestigious Robuchon au Dome in Macau, she then launched Venus Kwan Cake in Hong Kong in 2016. Venus is happy to share her knowledge and experience, and to help find the baker in you.

You can see her work at her Instagram page @venuskwancake