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In this class you will make

Sfogliatella (Lobster Tail Pastry) filled with Ricotta and Semolina Cream

DURATION 3 hours

$800.00 / per person

Please let us know if you have any special requirements below including dietary requirements, or if you are booking this for someone else.
Sfogliatella is an iconic pastry originated from the Campania region of Italy, this shell-shaped dessert consists of a shatteringly thin and crispy pastry, with a semolina and ricotta based cream filling. Often named as one of the hardest Italian pastries to make, the process of making Sfogliatelle is definitely a labour of love (a dream for anyone who enjoys tedious and repetitive tasks!) but the result is well worth it.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to prepare the Sfogliatella dough from scratch
  • How to roll out the Sfogliatella dough using a pasta machine
  • How to assemble the Sfogliatella log using a home kitchen-friendly set up
  • A semolina and ricotta based cream filling
  • How to shape and bake Sfogliatella

You will take home :

  • Four Sfogliatelle made from a dough we prepared ahead of time.
  • Four Sfogliatelle made from the batch of dough you make in class.
  • A Sfogliatelle log and filling enough for 6-8 more Sfogliatelle at home

Please note that as with authentic recipes, lard will be used in this class, it can be substituted with butter for vegetarians or people who don't take lard.