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Junior Baker Summer Camp (Aged 9+) Week 3

A 5-day culinary experience, two dishes per day

DURATION 5 days, 2.5 hours per day

$3750.00 / per kid

Category Junior Baker
Please provide the name(s) and age of the kid(s) you are booking for, as well as any dietary requirements

Junior Baker Summer Camp is back! 

Every week from June 19 to August 18, we will be showing our junior bakers how to combine essential kitchen skills, science, math and creativity to create delicious dishes from all around the world. There will be three different weeks, repeating in three cycles.

You are looking at the PM Session of Week 3 (suitable for kids aged 9+) we will be making: 

  • Day 1: English Muffins + Whoppie Pies
  • Day 2: Malloreddus (hand rolled pasta shells) + Tiramisu
  • Day 3: Cheese and Tomato Galette + Boston Cream Pies
  • Day 4: Sesame 'Shaobing' (芝麻燒餅) + Mochi Bread
  • Day 5: Paratha (Flakey Flat Bread) + Dahl

*Please note that the menu above is subject to changes as we test recipes in the month of May, however the theme and type of cuisine will remain largely the same. 

At the end of the week, participants will receive a folder of recipes they learned during the week.