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Junior Baker Easter Camp (9+yo)

A four-day-camp making two dishes everyday

DURATION 2 hours 30 minutes per day

$3000.00 / per kid

Category Junior Baker
Please let us know the name and age of the kid(s) that you are signing up for.

Junior Baker Easter Camp is back with a fun menu. The camp is FOUR days long, we will run the camp twice in April:

Cycle 1: April 3rd to April 6th
Cycle 2: April 11th to April 14th

This is the afternoon session (2:30pm to 5pm) which will be for kids aged 9+

Day 1: Sausage Rolls and Hot Cross Buns
Day 2: Bow Tie Pasta and Easter Egg Nests
Day 3: Cheesy Galette and Lemon Drizzle Cupcakes
Day 4: The Ultimate Easter Roast: Roast Spring Chicken, Vegetables, Crispy Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy