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Intro to Bread Making

In this class you will make...

Kaiser Rolls / Soda Bread

DURATION 2 hours

$600.00 / person

Category Bread Making
Please let us know if you have any special requirements below including dietary requirements, or if you are booking this for someone else.

Making your own bread is easier than you think. In this class we will introduce to you the basic ingredients of bread and teach you the key steps of making homemade bread. This class is suitable for everyone, you will also learn a bit about the nutritional values of homemade bread and why it is good for you!

You will learn:

- how to mix and knead a bread dough by hand
- tips and key points about fermentation of a bread dough at home
- different shaping techniques, including a 'Kaiser' knots
- tips and key points about baking a bread dough with a home oven
- a easy to make and versatile soda bread recipe

You will take home four Kaiser rolls and one soda bread.